Edelman garden

In 2014, Aaron and Rhoda Edelman donated a vacant lot to The Seeing Hand Association to be developed into an urban garden. Much research was done to make this garden adaptable for our blind and visually impaired workers. The garden features walkways textured with woodchips, vertical shelves, tables, and overhead trellises to help our workers plant, weed, water, and harvest with ease.

The garden serves as an educational experience for our workers and some of the clients from Russell Nesbitt. It brings many volunteers to our organization, as well as, many grants and donations. During late summer, our workers, board, and community have the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally grown, organic produce. Every Friday the leftover produce is left on the front step of our agency for those in need to take for free.

The garden is our most visible project. Drive by 37 South Broadway Street in July or August to see a once vacant lot totally transformed into something productive and beautiful. 

To get a glimpse at the great work happening at the Edelman Garden, visit the Photo Galleries page and look for the "Garden Gallery."