Welcome to the Seeing Hand Association website.  We offer an array of specialized services for the blind and visually impaired individuals. The services assist in meeting the identified needs of the individual while maintaining our core values of accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, teamwork, independence, personal and professional growth, dignity and self-esteem.


We believe that blind and visually impaired individuals can be truly independent and achieve quality of life with the appropriate individual and family Share services. Our services are designed to encourage, challenge, and empower individuals to maximize their potential in all areas of life. The services assist the blind and visually impaired to set personal and professional goals, learn the necessary skills to meet those goals and provide experiential opportunities to practice new skills and build confidence in every aspect of living.


Rehabilitation Services, Community Education and Advocacy are available to blind and visually impaired individuals living in the Greater Wheeling Area. Legally blind is defined as having a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with correction.  Low vision is a condition caused by eye disease, in which visual acuity is 20/70 or poorer with a vision field of 60 degrees in the better-seeing eye and cannot be corrected or improved with regular eyeglasses. Services are provided under the supervision of an agency such as WV DRS and on the basis of individual need to affirm the worth and dignity of each person regardless of age, sex, race, religion or income status.